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We are a church for the community

Our hearts are open to all who care to come and meet with us. God’s heart is open to all who call on Him with a real sense of need. We believe the answers to our spiritual longings are to be found in the time-honoured orthodox teachings of the Christian faith as embodied in God’s written revelation of Himself, commonly known as The Bible.

God reveals Himself to us in other ways too, such as through our conscience, but His greatest revelation of all is in the Person of Jesus Christ.

Thus our overriding aim at Forfar Community Church is to introduce people of all ages to Jesus Christ, who describes Himself as “the Way, the Truth, and Life”. This is a truly startling claim, not least for our present-day culture which encourages us to believe in ‘what works for you’.

We ask you not to conclude that this is intimidating or threatening; on the contrary, we as a church seek to demonstrate the love of Christ by open acceptance of all who are genuinely seeking spiritual truth – in short, looking for God. If this describes yourself, we invite you to make your spiritual home among us.

Just feel free to walk in on a Sunday morning at 11 am, take a seat, be part of what’s happening for an hour or so, and enjoy a coffee with us afterwards.

Get in touch

We are always pleased to hear from you.

Please call or text Pastor Brian Mulraine on 07815 894 862 or our Families Pastors David and Paula Wharton on 07838 244132 or email us via the details below.

If your e-mail is a request for prayer please put ‘Prayer’ in the Subject box and also please state if you wish this to be treated as anonymous and/or strictly confidential.

We of course respect confidentiality at all times.